Uber charges a passenger over $14,000 for a 21-minute ride

12/14/2017 05:03:02
Uber charges a passenger over $14,000 for a 21-minute ride
At first, Uber reportedly stuck to the bill, however they later confirmed there was an error and refunded the rider.

When all the bars close, Uber's surge pricing can be astonishing. You might hear a lot of horror stories, but they probably don't compare to the story of a Toronto passenger who claimed he was charged over $14,000 (CAD $18,518.50) for a 21-minute ride.



The brief trip was from 12a Widmer St. to 30 The Queensway. The ride was supposed to cost under $20. Uber has stated that it has since issued a full refund to the passenger. The company's spokesperson said that there was an error and it has been resolved. He added that they apologized to the passenger for his experience. A friend of the overcharged customer tweeted on Saturday about disputing the price.



Uber has created enough trouble for itself recently, including a lawsuit from Waymo, a sexual harassment scandal, an FBI investigation, a power struggle with its former CEO, and, most recently, news of a hack that breached the data of millions of users.


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